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Erratum to: Symbolic regression in materials science—CORRIGENDUM

The Original Article was published on 20 September 2019

In panel 2c of the original figure in this article,[1] the labels “add” and “sqrt” should be exchanged in the blue portion of the tree. The corrected, properly labeled figure appears here. Panels a, b, and d, remain unchanged. This typographical error does not affect any statements in the text.


The authors regret this error.


  1. 1

    Y. Wang, N. Wagner, and J.M. Rondinelli: Symbolic regression in materials science. MRS Commun. 9, 793 (2019).

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Wang, Y., Wagner, N. & Rondinelli, J.M. Erratum to: Symbolic regression in materials science—CORRIGENDUM. MRS Communications 9, 1370 (2019).

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