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Non-invasive oral cancer detection from saliva using zinc oxide—reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite based bioelectrode


Multifunctional materials with excellent biocompatibility and electron-transport properties are critical for the pursuit of point-of-care biosens-ing devices. The authors report the synthesis of zinc oxide–reduced graphene oxide (ZnO–rGO) nanocomposite for the fabrication of an electrochemical immunosensing test-bed for noninvasive onsite detection of oral cancer biomarker (interleukin-8, IL8). The immunosensor showed successful detection of IL8 at low concentration ranges, i.e., 100 fg/mL–5 ng/mL with a sensitivity of 12.46 ± 0.82 µA mL/ng and a detection limit of 51.53 ± 0.43 pg/mL. These results have been validated through in vitro investigations using real saliva samples spiked with IL8.

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The authors duly acknowledge support from the Director, CSIR-NPL and CSIR-Network project BSC0112. S.V. is grateful for the funding provided by CSIR (31/01/(0510)/2018-EMR-1) India.

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