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Dual light-emitting Yb3+,Er3+-doped La(IO3)3 iodate nanocrystals: up-conversion and second harmonic generation


The authors report the microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of α-La(IO3)3 nanocrystals doped with Yb3+ and Er3+ ions, along with their structural and optical characterizations. 50-nm-sized α-La0.9-xYb0.1Erx(IO3)3 nanocrystals with x = 0.005, 0.01, and 0.02 were synthesized and dispersed in ethylene glycol. The as-obtained suspensions exhibit both second harmonic generation (SHG) signal and up-conversion photoluminescence (UC-PL) without interplay between the two signals under near-infrared resonant excitation. The relative intensity of SHG and UC-PL emission can be modulated according to the excitation wavelength. The most intense UC-PL signal is obtained from a 980-nm excitation, thanks to the sensitization of Er3+ by Yb3+.

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The authors thank the French-Swiss Interreg V and French ANR programs for financial supports (Projects OncoNanoscreen and Racine) and the 2015–2020 French Contrat Plan État Région (project E-TIME, SYMME).

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