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Use of surface photo-reactive nanometal printing for polymer thin-film transistors: contact resistance and short-channel effects


A crucial target in the printed electronics technologies is to realize all-printed thin-film transistors (TFTs), as being applicable to the industry. Here, the authors report printed polymer TFTs through the integration of the SuPR-NaP technique, a promising way for manufacturing ultrafine printed silver electrodes, with printed polymer semiconductor layers. The authors used a class of donor–acceptor-type copolymer, PDVT-10, and found that the devices exhibit excellent TFT characteristics. The devices allow the transfer length method measurements with high accuracy, where the estimated contact resistance is considerably small (4.7 kΩ cm) among the bottom-contact TFTs using printed silver electrodes, with also showing short-channel effects.

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This study was supported by JST CREST (Grant No. JPMJCR18J2) and A-STEP (Grant No. VP30318087386) from the Japan Science and Technology Agency, and JSPS KAKENHI (Grant No. 18H03875) from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). This study was also supported by the research grant from the Leadership Development Program for Ph.D. (LDPP) in the University of Tokyo.

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