Preparation and Characterization of Porous Material from Self-Organized Hydroxyapatite/Collagen Nanocomposite


Self-organized hydroxyapatite /collagen (HAp/Col) nanocomposite was synthesized by a co-precipitated method. The porous HAp/Col nanocomposites with unidirectional and interconnected pores with approximately 20μm in size were prepared by a facile method. The ice crystals were grown up at a cooling brass bottom in the paste which kneaded the HAp/Col nanocomposite with a sodium phosphate buffer. The freeze-drying technique produced the replica of ice structures, and the porous composites showed the anisotropic compressive strengths. The nanostructure and micropore structure are of great importance for developing the novel artificial bone filling materials; attachment and migration of cells and blood vessels, and early regeneration of bone tissues.

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