HTO Diffusion in Oxfordian Limestone and Callovo-Oxfordian Argillite Formations


Diffusion coefficients and accessible porosities for HTO were measured on 30 samples from the Andra Underground Rock Laboratory in Meuse/Haute-Marne (France) using the through diffusion technique. Two distinct geological formations were studied: Oxfordian limestone and Callovo-oxfordian argillite between 166 and 477 m depth. The experiences were carried out with synthetic pore-water from each formation. The measured values of the effective diffusion coefficients (De) are ranging from 2.6 × 10−12 to 12.4 × 10−11m2 s−1 while accessible porosities (ε) are between 2.4 and 24%. Good correlations are found between these two parameters.

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This work received the financial support from ANDRA and CEA through grants FT G.2.009 and FT G.2010.

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