Growth of InGaN Nanorods as the Blue Light Source for White Light Emitting Devices


This work demonstrates the properties of InGaN nanorod arrays with various In mole fractions by modified HVPE using In metal at the low growth temperature. The nanorods grown on (0001) sapphire substrates are preferentially oriented in the c-axis direction. We found that the In mole fractions in the nanorods were linearly increased at x ≤ 0.1. However, In mole fractions were slightly increased at x > 0.1 and then were gradually saturated at x = 0.2. CL spectra show strong blue emissions from 428 nm (x = 0.1, 2.89 eV) to 470 nm (x = 0.2, 2.64 eV) at room temperature. From this result, we found the fact that increasing In mole fraction in the InGaN nanorod shift the peak position of CL spectrum emitted from InGaN nanorod to the low energy region.

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This work was supported by KOSEF through the QSRC at Dongguk University.

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