Alignment and Deposition of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes under the Influence of an Electric Field


Single wall carbon nanotubes have aroused a great deal of interest because of their unique combination of electrical, physical and mechanical properties. However, the widespread use of SWNTs in composites and electronic devices is limited because of the difficulty of dispersing and processing these materials. This paper describes a method for depositing and aligning SWNTs from a dispersed solution onto a substrate under the influence of an electric field. Results indicate that SWNTs can be aligned in bulk in the direction of electric field lines, and that individual SWNT ropes may be deposited between two electrodes. The extent and type of deposition depends upon the electrode geometry and processing time. Electrical alignment of SWNTs is an enabling technology allowing manipulation of nanomaterials using standard processing. It could eventually lead to a wide range of products, such as nanocomposites with aligned fillers and nanoelectronic devices.

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