Synthesis of LaSrXMg-Oxide with X=Ga, Fe, or Cr


Strontium and magnesium doped lanthanum gallate (LSGM) is a promising electrolyte material for intermediate temperature range (650–800°C) solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) applications. Formation of unwanted phases and Ga loss at high temperatures (1100–1500°C) during synthesis and under low oxygen partial pressures during operation are major hurdles that stand in LSGM’s way of full utilization. Using a polymeric precursor synthesis method, the feasibility of producing SOFC electrolyte material LSGM is investigated. The method involves complexing each constituent metal ion by the carboxyl and/or hydroxyl group of the citric acid and/or polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) in aqueous solution. The facility of this method compared with the traditional solid state reaction method was shown by synthesis of single phase and pure LSXM (X= Fe, Cr) oxides at reasonable temperatures (800°C). The X-ray diffraction patterns of LSFM and LSCM are also reported here for the first time.

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