Characteristics of Deep Centers Observed in n-GaN Grown by Reactive Molecular Beam Epitaxy


Deep centers in Si-doped n-GaN samples grown on sapphire by reactive molecular beam epitaxy, using different ammonia flow rates (AFRs), have been studied by deep level transient spectroscopy. In addition to five electron traps, which were also found in n-GaN layers grown by both metalorganic chemical-vapor deposition and hydride vapor-phase epitaxy, two new centers C1 (0.43-0.48 eV) and E1 (0.25 eV) have been observed. C1, whose parameters show strong electric-field effects and anomalous electron capture kinetics, might be associated with dislocations. E1, which is very dependent on the AFR, exhibits an activation energy close to that of a center created by electron irradiation and is believed to be a defect complex involving VN.

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