Diamond-Like Carbon Coatings for Rhenium Wire and Foils


Diamond like carbon has been deposited as a protective layer for coronary stenting applications. Taking advantage of DLC’s resistance to chemical attack, its flexibility, and other properties. our current technical objective is to develop DLC as a coating for radioactive rhenium stents. Radioactive rhenium stents are being investigated to limit smooth muscle cell growth following coronary surgery. The DLC coating is being investigated to reduce the release of radioactive rhenium (released activity) into the blood following the stenting procedure. An inductively coupled RF plasma system was used to deposit the DLC onto rhenium substrates. Foils, wires, and coils were coated and tested for adhesion, cytotoxicity, and release of radioactive rhenium. Our initial results indicate up to a three-fold decrease in released activity relative to uncoated rhenium

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