Comparison of the Morphological and Optical Characteristics of InP Islands on GalnP/GaAs (311)A and (100)


We have studied the effect of surface orientation on the optical and morphological characteristics of coherently-strained InP islands grown on GaInP/GaAs. The differences between islands grown on the (100) orientation and the (311)A orientation are studied. Islands grown on the (311)A orientation are more dense than the islands grown on the (100) orientation. For the (100) orientation, the island height distribution is bimodal peaked at 20 Å and 220 Å. For the (311)A orientation, the island height distribution is also bimodal peaked at 15 Å and 60 Å. Photoluminescence measurements for the (311)A orientation show a peak at 1.9 eV attributed to small islands. This peak is shifted to higher energies in comparison to the corresponding peak for the (100) orientation which is at 1.77 eV. This peak shift is due to the fact that the small islands on the (311)A orientation are smaller than the corresponding islands on the (100) orientation.

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