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Chemical Vapor Deposition of Oxides from Alkoxides

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MOCVD of oxides can be achieved through deposition reaction schemes such as oxidation, thermal pyrolysis, plasma assisted pyrolysis, radiation-assisted pyrolysis or any combinations of these free-radical processes. Chemically mild and clean reaction schemes such as the hydrolysis-polycondensation and the hydrolysis-assisted pyrolysis reactions are found favorable for stoichiometric depositions using alkoxide complex precursors. We review the various reaction schemes and try to point out comparatively the advantages and disadvantages of each. Experiments in the deposition of lithium tantalate from alkoxide complex precursors are presented. Low deposition temperature, high deposition rate and autostoichiometry capabilities are demonstrated in the experiments.

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This work is partially supported by the Faculty Research Grant of the University of Utah.

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