Fabrication of Undoped and N+ Microcrystalline si Films Using SiH2Ci2


We have studied the growth of undoped and n+ μc-Si:H (:CI) films by Remote Plasma CVD using SiH4/SiH2Cl2/H2/He mixtures. It was found that the μc-Si film can be fabricated by increasing flow rate of SiH2Cl2 and/or H2. The deposited undoped μc-Si film exhibited a maximum crystalline volume fraction of 85 %, obtained from Raman spectroscopy. The n-type μc-Si film, deposited with SiH4/SiH2Cl2/H2/PH3/He mixtures, shows a room temperature conductivity of 2 S/cm, conductivity activation energy of 29.8 meV and optical band gap of-2.0 eV. The optical band gap of n-type μc-S1 deposited using SiH2Cl2 is much higher compared to conventional μc-Si film.

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