Perpendicular Magnetic Amsotropy in Ultrathin Fe(110) Films on Cr(110)


In contrast to Fe(110)-films on W(110), which are magnetized always in the plane as a result of easy-plane magnetic surface anisotropics (MSA), Fe(110)-films on Cr(110) show perpendicular magnetization up to a thickness of roughly 3 monolayers, as a result of a perpendicular MSA of the Fe(l10)/Cr/(110) interface. Accordingly, Fe(l10)-films on W(110), covered with Cr(110), show asymmetric MSA, the easy-plane MSA of the W(110)/Fe(110)-interface opposing the perpendicular one of the Fe(110)/Cr(110)-interface. It turns out that MSA is asymmetric too in Fe(110) films on W(110) covered by Cu, Ag, Au or UHV.

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