Recrystallization Behavior of Ni3 AI(B)


The recrystallization kinetics, structure development, stored energy of cold work, and rolling and recrystallization textures were studied on boron doped Ni76Al24. The recrystallization kinetics were very slow compared to pure metals or disordered solid solutions, but similar to other intermetallic compounds. The development of the deformed and recrystallized microstructure is similar to metals with intermediate stacking fault energy. Despite a lack of massive deformation twinning the rolling texture is a typical brass type texture. The recrystallization texture is not a brass type recrystallization texture, but consists of components, which are related by a 25°<100> rotation among each other and with the deformation texture. The observed phenomena are attributed to the constraints of grain boundary motion in long range ordered structures. It is further shown that Ni3Al does undergo dynamic recrystallization during high temperature deformation.

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