Layer-by-layer CdTe nanoparticle absorbers for ZnO nanorod solar cells - the influence of annealing on cell performance


The conformal coating of ZnO nanorods with CdTe nanoparticles using layer-by-layer (LbL) processing produces a quantum dot-sensitised solar cell. As the number of CdTe layers increases the absorption of incident light increases below the absorption onset of the nanoparticles (650 nm). Photoluminescence investigations of the CdTe-ZnO composite structure suggest a transfer of photoexcited electrons from the CdTe nanoparticles the ZnO nanorods. Filling of the semiconductor composite structure with CuSCN provides the solar cell with a p-type semiconductor to collect the photogenerated holes from the system. Annealing the CdTe-polymer coated nanorods lowers the series resistance of the cell by removing the polymer component of the film. A cell annealed at 350 °C has a Jsc of 0.12 mAcm-2, and a Voc of 49 mV under 0.25 mW/cm2 illumination.

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