Properties of Nano-crystalline Silicon-Carbide Films Prepared Using Modulated RF-PECVD


We report on the fabrication of nano-crystalline silicon-carbide (nc-SiC) using pulse modulated RF-PECVD technique, from silane (SiH4) and methane (CH4) gas mixtures which is highly diluted in hydrogen (H2). The microstructure of nc-SiC material is nanometer-size silicon crystallites embedded in amorphous silicon-carbide (a-SiC) matrix. As carbon incorporation in nc-Si film increases, the bandgap is enlarged from 1.1eV to 1.55eV as measured by Photothermal Deflection Spectroscopy (PDS) while the crystalline volume fraction decreases from 70% to about 20%. It is found that the crystalline volume fraction, grain size and dark conductivity of nc-SiC films can be enhanced with applying a negative DC bias to substrate during deposition.

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