A Study of [Cr-O6]-based rutile analogues by means of EELS


We present in here the study by means of electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) of several rutile based oxides, having in common the presence of octahedrally oxygen coordinated chromium, [Cr-O6], in three different formal oxidation states: Cr4+ in CrO2, a regular rutile; Cr3+ in CrOOH, a H bonded orthorrombic distorted rutile and in CrTaO4, a metal disordered rutile and Cr2+ in CrTa2O6 an ordered trirutile structure. A linear relationship is observed between the formal oxidation state of chromium in all these rutile oxides and the separation between the Cr-L2,3 and O-K energy loss peaks.

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