Analysis of high-power packages for white-light-emitting diode lamps with remote phosphor


An optimized packaging configuration for high-power white-light-emitting diode (LED) lamps that employs a diffuse reflector cup, a remote phosphor and a hemi-spherically-shaped encapsulation is presented. Ray tracing simulations for this configuration show that the phosphor efficiency can be enhanced by up to 50% over conventional packages. It is experimentally shown that dichromatic LED lamps with remote phosphor and diffuse reflector cup configuration have higher phosphor efficiency by 15.4% for blue-pumped yellow phosphor and by 27% for ultraviolet-pumped blue phosphor over conventional packages. Those improvements are attributed to reduced absorption of the phosphorescence by the LED chip and the reduction of deterministic optical modes trapped inside the encapsulant.

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The authors of RPI gratefully acknowledge support by the SAIT, NSF, Crystal IS and DARPA.

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