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Highlights from the Flow Chemistry Literature 2013 (Part 2)

  • Toma N. Glasnov
Research Highlights


In this section of the journal, the continuous-flow chemistry literature of the preceding months is presented. Included are articles published in the period April–June 2013. Some key examples are highlighted in the form of graphical abstracts. The remaining publications in the field are then listed, ordered by journal name, with review articles grouped at the end.


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Further Flow Chemistry Publications

  1. “Peptide fragment coupling using a continuous-flow photochemical rearrangement of nitrones” Y. Zhang, M. L. Blackman, A. B. Leduc, T. F. Jamison Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2013, 52, 4251–4255.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  2. “Chemotactic behavior of catalytic motors in microfluidic channels” L. Baraban, S. M. Harazim, S. Sanchez, O. G. Schmidt Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2013, 52, 5552–5556.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  3. “Building a sulfonamide library by eco-friendly flow synthesis” A. Gioiello, E. Rosatelli, M. Teofrasti, P. Filipponi, R. Pellicciari ACS Combinatorial Science 2013, 15, 235–239.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  4. “A simple millifluidic benchtop reactor system for the high-throughput synthesis and functionalization of gold nanoparticles with different sizes and shapes” S. E. Lohse, J. R. Eller, S. T. Sivapalan, M. R. Plews, C. J. Murphy ACS Nano 2013, 7, 4135–4150CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  5. “Continuous synthesis of device-grade semiconducting polymers in droplet-based microreactors” J. H. Bannock, S. H. Krishnadasan, A. M. Nightingale, C. Pang Yau, K. Khaw, D. Burkitt, J. J. M. Halls, M. Heeney, J. C. de Mello Advanced Functional Materials 2013, 23, 2123–2129.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  6. “Segmented flow reactors for nanocrystal synthesis” A. M. Nightingale, J. C. deMello Advanced Materials 2013, 25, 1813–1821.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  7. “Flock-based microfluidics” M. Hitzbleck, R. D. Lovchik, E. Delamarche Advanced Materials 2013, 25, 2672–2676.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  8. “Iron-catalysed borylation of arenediazonium salts to give access to arylboron derivatives via aryl(amino)boranes at room temperature” L. D. Marciasini, N. Richy, M. Vaultier, M. Pucheaulta Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis 2013, 355, 1083–1088.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  9. “3D-printed devices for continuous-flow organic chemistry” V. Dragone, V. Sans, M. H. Rosnes, P. J. Kitson, L. Cronin Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry 2013, 9, 951–959.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  10. “Effects of fluid flow on the growth and assembly of ZnO nanocrystals in a continuous flow microreactor” C.-H. Choi, Y.-W. Su, C.-h. Chang CrystEngComm 2013, 15, 3326–3333.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
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  12. “Palladium-N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) catalyzed C-N bond formation in a continuous flow microreactor. Effect of process parameters and comparison with batch operation” A. Pommella, G Tomaiuolo, A. Chartoire, S. Caserta, G Toscano, S. P. Nolan, S. Guido Chemical Engineering Journal 2013, 223, 578–583.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  13. “Continuous flow synthesis of tungsten oxide (WO3) nanoplates from tungsten(VI) ethoxide” M. Gimeno-Fabra, P. Dunne, D. Grant, P. Gooden, E. Lester Chemical Engineering Journal 2013, 226, 22–29.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  14. “A continuous-flow process for the synthesis of artemisinin” D. Kopetzki, F. Levesque, P. H. Seeberger Chemistry — A European Journal 2013, 19, 5450–5456.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  15. “C-glycosyl amino acids through hydroboration-cross-coupling of exo-glycals and their application in automated solid-phase synthesis” S. Koch, D. Schollmeyer, H. Lö we, H. Kunz Chemistry — A European Journal 2013, 19, 7020–7041.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  16. “Intramolecular [2+2] photocycloaddition of 3- and 4-(but-3-enyl)oxyquinolones: influence of the alkene substitution pattern, photophysical studies, and enantioselective catalysis by a chiral sensitizer” M. M. Maturi, M. Wenninger, R. Alonso, A. Bauer, A. Pöthig, E. Riedle, T. Bach Chemistry — A European Journal 2013, 19, 7461–7472.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  17. “Rapid and continuous synthesis of cobalt aluminate nanoparticles under subcritical hydrothermal conditions with in-situ surface modification” J. Lu, K. Minami, S. Takami, T. Adschiri Chemical Engineering Science 2013, 85, 50–54.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  18. “Slug flow of ionic liquids in capillary microcontactors: fluid dynamic intensification for solvent extraction” F. Scheiff, A. Holbach, D. W. Agar Chemical Engineering and Technology 2013, 36, 975–984.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  19. “Kolbe-Schmitt flow synthesis in aqueous solution — from lab capillary reactor to pilot plant” U. Krtschil, V. Hessel, H.-J. Kost, D. Reinhard Chemical Engineering and Technology 2013, 36, 1010–1016.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  20. “Generating gas-liquid-liquid three-phase microflows in a cross-junction microchannel device” K. Wang, Y Lu, K. Qin, G. Luo, T. Wang Chemical Engineering and Technology 2013, 36, 1047–1060.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  21. “Hydrogen production by dehydrogenation of formic acid on atomically dispersed gold on ceria” N. Yi, H. Saltsburg, M. Flytzani-Stephanopoulos ChemSusChem 2013, 6, 816–819.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  22. “A comprehensive study on the activity and deactivation of immobilized lecitase ultra in esterifications of food waste streams to monoacylglycerols” K. M. Goncalves, F. K. Sutili, I. I. Junior, M. C. Flores, L. S. de Marize Miranda, I. C. R. Leal, Y. Cordeiro, R. Luque, R. O. M. A. de Souza ChemSusChem 2013, 6, 872–879.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  23. “Continuous-flow synthesis of adipic acid from cyclohexene using hydrogen peroxide in high-temperature explosive regimes” M. Damm, B. Gutmann, C. O. Kappe ChemSusChem 2013, 6, 978–982.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  24. “Chemical conversion of sugars to lactic acid by alkaline hydrothermal processes” D. Esposito, M. Antonietti ChemSusChem 2013, 6, 989–992.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  25. “Aldol addition of dihydroxyacetone to N-Cbz-3-aminopropanal catalyzed by two aldolases variants in microreactors” M. Sudar, Z. Findrik, D. Vasic-Racki, P. Clapes, C. Lozano Enzyme and Microbial Technology 2013, 53, 38–45.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
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