Identification and inheritance of leaf rust resistance genes in the wheat cultivar ‘Marvdasht’


The objectives of this research were to examine the inheritance of leaf rust resistance genes in the Iranian wheat cultivar ‘Marvdasht’, which is highly resistant to leaf and stripe rusts, and to identify Lr genes present in this cultivar using molecular markers. The genetic basis of resistance to the leaf rust pathogen (Puccinia triticina) in ‘Marvdasht’ was studied in F2:3 populations derived from crosses of Bolani (susceptible cultivar) × Marvdasht. Isolates 84-1 and 85-28 of P. triticina, which are the predominant isolates in Iran, were used to examine the segregation of resistance originating from ‘Marvdasht’. The results indicated that resistance in ‘Marvdasht’ to Puccinia triticina isolate 84-1 was governed by two dominant seedling resistance genes Lr1 and Lr17a. Allelism studies using an F2 population derived from a cross between ‘Falat’ (Seri 82) and Marvdasht indicated that resistance in Marvdasht was not due to the resistance gene Lr26 present in ‘Falat’. With the application of a previously developed molecular marker for Lr1, the STS marker RGA-567-5, the presence of Lr1 was verified in Marvdasht. Based on bulk segregant analysis, Lr17a was mapped to the distal end of chromosome 2AS and was closely linked to microsatellite marker Xbarc212 at a distance of 3.7 cM. In conclusion, the presence of Lr1 and Lr17a was confirmed in the cultivar Marvdasht.


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