Journal of Flow Chemistry

, Volume 7, Issue 1, pp 9–12 | Cite as

Enhanced [4+2] Cycloadditions by Solvophobic Effects and Gravity-Induced Mixing in Core—Shell Droplets

  • Dominik Karl
  • Holger Löwe
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A new way to perform reactions in core—shell double emulsions is reported herein. The phase boundaries of the threephase droplet flow were used to pressurize the reactants in the shell liquid, enhancing the reaction rate of a cycloaddition greatly in comparison to known methods. As key parameters, solvophobic effects and precise control over the droplet sizes were used to exploit a reaction with a negative volume of activation. The internal pressure of the reaction solution was regulated purely by the thickness of the shell liquid without adding additional reagents. Additionally, the reaction performed better when the core droplet was used to stir the shell droplet, considerably improving the mass transfer inside the otherwise diffusion-limited process.


microreactors double emulsions hydrophobic effect active mixing cycloaddition 


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  1. 1.Center of Applied Fluidics and Engineering (CAFE)Fraunhofer ICT-IMMMainzGermany
  2. 2.Johannes Gutenberg University MainzMainzGermany

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