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Highlights from the Flow Chemistry Literature 2015 (Part 2)

  • Amol A. Kulkarni
Research Highlights


In this section of the journal, the literature on continuous-flow synthesis (primarily organic synthesis and functional materials) from the period of April to June 2015 is presented. All the publications are listed and ordered by journal name, with a review article appearing at the end. With a few special issues on flow synthesis that would be appearing in other journals in coming months, the list of publications in this area is expected to grow rapidly towards the end of this year.

Organic Synthesis

  1. “High-throughput generation of emulsions and microgels in parallelized microfluidic drop-makers prepared by rapid prototyping” T. Femmer, A. Jans, R. Eswein, N. Anwar, M. Moeller, M. Wessling, A. J. C. Kuehne ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2015, 7, 12635–12638CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  2. “Magnetic droplet microfluidics as a platform for the concentration of [18 F]fluoride and radiosynthesis of sulfonyl [18 F]fluoride” S. A. Fiel, H. Yang, P. Schaffer, S. Weng, J. A. H. Inkster, M. C. K. Wong, P. C. H. Li ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2015, 7, 12923–12929CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  3. “A flow-through enzymatic microreactor for the rapid conversion of triacylglycerols into fatty acid ethyl ester and fatty acid methyl ester derivatives for GC analysis” S. T. Anuar, S. M. Mugo, J. M. Curtis Analytical Methods 2015, 7, 5898–5906CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  4. “Making ends meet: flow synthesis as the answer to reproducible high-performance conjugated polymers on the scale that roll-to-roll processing demands” M. Helgesen, J. E. Carlé, G. A. dos Reis Benatto, R. R. Sondergaard, M. Jorgensen, E. Bundgaard, F. C. Krebs Advanced Energy Materials 2015, 5Google Scholar
  5. “Reactions of difunctional electrophiles with functionalized aryllithium compounds: remarkable chemoselectivity by flash chemistry” A. Nagaki, K. Imai, S. Ishiuchi, J. Yoshida Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2015, 54, 1914–1918CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  6. “Continuous synthesis of diethyl carbonate from ethanol and CO2 over Ce-Zr-O catalysts” I. Prymak, V. N. Kalevaru, S. Wohlrab, A. Martin Catalysis Science & Technology 2015, 5, 2322–2331CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  7. “Continuous poly(2-oxazoline) triblock copolymer synthesis in a microfluidic reactor cascade” E. Baeten, B. Verbraeken, R. Hoogenboom, T. Junkers Chemical Communications 2015, 51, 11701–11704CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  8. “Continuous synthesis of methanol: heterogeneous hydrogenation of ethylene carbonate over Cu/HMS catalysts in a fixed bed reactor system” X. Chen, Y. Cui, C. Wen, B. Wang, W-L. Dai Chemical Communications 2015, DOI: 10._1039/C5CC05030HGoogle Scholar
  9. “Large-scale continuous hydrothermal production and activation of ZIF-8” A. S. Munn, P. W. Dunne, S. V. Y. Tang, E. H. Lester Chemical Communications 2015, 51, 12811–12814CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  10. “Continuous flow of nitroso Diels-Alder reaction” E. Nakashima, H. Yamamoto Chemical Communications 2015, 51, 12309–12312CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  11. “Decarboxylative Reissert type trifluoro- and trichloro-methylation of (iso)quinoline derivatives in batch and continuous flow” M. Therkelsen, M. T. Rasmussen, A. T. Lindhardt Chemical Communications 2015, 51, 9651–9654CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  12. “Continuous metal scavenging and coupling to one-pot copper-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition click reaction in flow” I.V. Gürsel, F. Aldiansyah, Q. Wang, T. Noël, V. Hessel Chemical Engineering Journal 2015, 270, 468–475CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  13. “Rapid and continuous oxidation of organic contaminants with ascorbic acid and a modified ferric/persulfate system” Y. Lei, H. Zhang, J. Wang, J. Ai Chemical Engineering Journal 2015, 270, 73–79Google Scholar
  14. “Nafion-H-catalyzed high-temperature/high-pressure synthesis of a triarylmethane in continuous-flow mode” S. Hayden, T. Glasnov and C. O. Kappe Chemical Engineering & Technology 2015, DOI: 10._1002/ceat.201400581Google Scholar
  15. “Highly selective continuous-flow synthesis of potentially bioactive deuterated chalcone derivatives” C. T. Hsieh, S. B. Ötvös, Y. C. Wu, I. M. Mandity, F. R. Chang, F. Fülöp ChemPlusChem 2015, 80, 859–864CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  16. “Flash chemistry using trichlorovinyllithium: Switching the reaction pathways by high-resolution reaction time control” A. Nagaki, Y. Takahashi, A. Henseler, C. Matsuo, J. Yoshida Chemistry Letters, 2015, 44, 214–216CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  17. “Gas-liquid segmented flow microwave-assisted synthesis of MOF-74(Ni) under moderate pressures” G. H. Albuquerque, R. C. Fitzmorris, M. Ahmadi, N. Wannenmacher, P. K. Thallapally, B. P. McGrail, G. S. Herman CrystEngComm 2015, 17, 5502–5510CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  18. “Enantioselective [small alpha]-amination of 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds in batch and flow with immobilized thiourea organocatalysts” P. Kasaplar, E. Ozkal, C. Rodriguez-Escrich, M. A. Pericas Green Chemistry 2015, 17, 3122–3129CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  19. “Catalyst coating on prefabricated capillary microchannels for the direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide” V. Paunovic, V. Ordomsky, M. F. N. D’Angelo, J. C. Schouten, T. A. Nijhuis Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2015, 54, 2919–2929CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  20. “Continuous photofermentative production of hydrogen by immobilized Rhodobacter sphaeroides O.U.001” R. Zagrodnik, K. Seifert, M. Stodolny, M. Laniecki International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2015, 40, 5062–5073CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  21. “Sorption-enhanced reforming of bioethanol in dual fixed bed reactor for continuous hydrogen production” A. Lysikov, V. Derevschikov, A. Okunev International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2015, DOI: 10._1016/j.ijhydene.2015._06._029Google Scholar
  22. “Decarbonisation offossil energy via methane pyrolysis using two reactor concepts: Fluid wall flow reactor and molten metal capillary reactor” Schultz, D. W. Agar International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2015, DOI: 10._1016/j.ijhydene.2015._03._126Google Scholar
  23. “One-step, facile and ultrafast synthesis of phase- and size-controlled Pt-Bi intermetallic nanocatalysts through continuous-flow microfluidics” D. Zhang, F. Wu, M. Peng, X. Wang, D. Xia, G. Guo Journal of the American Chemical Society 2015, 137, 6263–6269CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  24. “Flow alkylation of thiols, phenols, and amines using a heterogenous base in a packed-bed reactor” A. Baker, M. Graz, R. Saunders, G. J. S. Evans, I. Pitotti, T. Wirth Journal of Flow Chemistry 2015, 5, 65–68CrossRefGoogle Scholar
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  27. “Two-stage flow synthesis of coumarin via O-acetylation of salicylaldehyde” X. Li, A. Chen, Y. Zhou, L. Huang, Z. Fang, H. Gan, K. Guo Journal of Flow Chemistry 2015, 5, 82–86CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  28. “Influence of support properties on the activity of basic catalysts for aldol condensation of formaldehyde and methyl acetate in a continuous-flow reactor” Y. Wang, H. Chen, G. Zhao, M. Liu, X. Lang, Z. Zhu Journal of Flow Chemistry 2015, 5, 87–94CrossRefGoogle Scholar
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