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Improvement of wheat quality in cultivars released in Serbia during the 20th century

  • N. HristovEmail author
  • N. Mladenov
  • V. Djuric
  • A. Kondic-Spika
  • A. Marjanovic-Jeromela
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Quality and Utilization


Twenty wheat varieties were analyzed to assess the contribution of 40-year breeding process to the advancement of wheat technological quality. A trial using a randomized block design with three replications was carried out during five growing seasons (2001–2005) that varied in temperature and rainfall conditions. Changes of quality were analyzed in the varieties from different breeding periods using linear regression analysis. Changes of quality indicators were expressed by regression coefficients. The studied varieties were released at 3–4-year intervals. The annual changes in genetic potentials were as follows: protein content — −0.03%, wet gluten — −0.14%, farinograph absorption — 0.04%, dough energy — 1.53 cm2, loaf volume — 2.94 ml, and baking score — 0.07. The decreases in the protein and wet gluten contents were compensated for by an improvement in protein quality. The increase in gluten structure stability and appropriate combinations of high molecular weight glutenin subunits have contributed to the improvement of other quality indicators.


Triticum aestivum quality indicators improvement breeding contribution regression 


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  • N. Mladenov
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  • V. Djuric
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  • A. Kondic-Spika
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  • A. Marjanovic-Jeromela
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  1. 1.Institute of Field and Vegetable CropsNovi SadSerbia

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