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, Volume 36, Issue 4, pp 523–531 | Cite as

Isolation and Characterization of a Novel HMW-GS Glu-Dx Allele from Tibet Bread Wheat Landrace

  • Z. H. YanEmail author
  • S. F. Dai
  • D. C. Liu
  • Y. M. Wei
  • Y. L. ZhengEmail author


A novel HMW-GS of Dx5** with slightly faster migration rate than that of Dx5, was found in a Tibet bread wheat landrace using SDS-PAGE. Moreover, Dx5** is the subunit with the fastest migration rate in Glu-Dx locus. The gene for this subunit was isolated and its sequence was obtained in the present study. This gene was very similar to Dx5 both in nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequence. At the nucleotide sequence level, Dx5** different from Dx5 by the deletion of a 27 bp fragment and two nucleotide replacements at position 353(G/C) and 692(C/G), respectively. At the amino acid sequence level, Dx5** different from Dx5 by the deletion of a hexaploid (LGQGQQ) and a tripeptide (GQQ) repetitive motif and two amino acid replacements at position 118(C/S) and 231(A/G), respectively. These results suggested that the Dx5** was a derivation of Dx5 and was formed by replication slippage. Moreover, the specific cysteine (C) located at the beginning of the repetitive domain of Dx5, which proved to be critical for the end-use quality of wheat flours, was replaced by serine (S) in Dx5**.


Glu-D1-1 HMW-GS sequence analysis 


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