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Identification and Localization of Molecular Markers Linked to the Lr52 Leaf Rust Resistance Gene of Wheat

  • M. Tar
  • L. PurnhauserEmail author
  • M. Csősz


Growing resistant wheat cultivars is considered to be an efficient and environmentally safe approach in reducing damage caused by leaf rust disease. Among the numerous leaf rust resistance genes of wheat, Lr52 is a very effective one with a broad spectrum resistance. The objective of this study was to identify and map molecular markers closely linked to the Lr52 resistance gene. Out of 280 RAPD, 44 SSR and 8 STS markers tested, three showed close linkage to the Lr52. In our study, one SSR marker (Xwmc149) showed a close linkage (11.3 cM) to the Lr52 gene. Another SSR (Xgwm234) and an STS (Xtxw200) markers, having close linkage to a recently identified leaf rust resistance gene found in PI 289824, also showed a close linkage (7.2 and 3.6 cM, respectively) to the Lr52. Matchings in the mapping distances of these markers linked to these resistance genes still remain open the possibility that the gene found in PI 289824 is identical to the Lr52, or simply this locate very close to it.


gene mapping LrW microsatellite Puccinia triticina RAPD SSR STS Triticum aestivum 


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