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Characterization of HMW-GS Genes Dx5t and Dy12t from Aegilops tauschii Accession with Subunit Combination Dx5t + Dy12t

  • Z. H. YanEmail author
  • Z. F. Guo
  • D. C. Liu
  • S. F. Dai
  • Y. M. Wei
  • Y. L. Zheng
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Aegilops tauschii is the generally accepted D genome diploid donor of hexaploid wheat. The significance of Ae. tauschii HMW-GS genes on bread-making properties of bread wheat has been well documented. Among them, Ae. tauschii HMW-GS Dx5t+Dy12t was thought as the pair with potentially value in endowing synthetic hexaploid wheat with good end-use qualities. In this paper, we isolated and sequenced genes Dx5t and Dy12t from Ae. tauschii accession As63. Amino acid sequence comparison indicated that Dy12t from Ae. tauschii is more similar to Dy10 rather than Dy12 of bread wheat. The sequence of Dx5t in Ae. tauschii accession As63 showed higher similarity to that of Dx5 in bread wheat than others. However, it is notable that Dx5t lacked the additional cysteine residue in Dx5, which is responsible for good bread-making quality in common wheat. Moreover, compared to Dx5, Dx5t has an extra hexpeptide repetitive motif unit (SGQGQQ) as well as five amino acid substitutions.


Ae. tauschii HMW-GS sequence analysis 


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  • Z. F. Guo
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  • D. C. Liu
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  • S. F. Dai
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  • Y. M. Wei
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  2. 2.Shenyang Agricultural UniversityShenyang CityChina

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