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Determination of Starch and Maltose Content in Some Hybrid Maize Varieties by Using HPLC

  • H. Hülya OrakEmail author


In this research, starch and maltose content were determined by using the HPLC method for different dent maize hybrids, grown in Tekirdağ ecological conditions. Experimental materials were obtained from Tekirdağ Faculty of Agricultural Field Crops Department. The starch and maltose content of the thirty-five selected maize varieties were studied. Starch contents of OSSK 644 (84.73%), Karaçay (84.39%) and AG 9242 (84.09%) were found to be higher than the other varieties. The lowest starch content (45.02%) was obtained from variety DK-647. The maltose content of maize hybrids was varied from 0.83% (Pegaso) to 2.71% (AG 9229). Negative and insignificantly correlation was obtained between starch and maltose content (r2 −0.150).

Key words

Hybrid maize varieties starch maltose HPLC 


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  1. 1.Tekirdağ Faculty of Agricultural, Food Technology Department of Vocational CollegeThrace UniversityTekirdağTurkey

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