Cereal Research Communications

, Volume 40, Issue 3, pp 307–333 | Cite as

New Aspects in Quality Related Wheat Research: II. New Methodologies for Better Quality Wheat

  • F. BékésEmail author


The aim of this two-part review is to highlight some of the numerous newer aspects of quality related wheat research and its achievements in the last two decades. The first part described the directions of more and more multi-interdisciplinary wheat quality oriented research with an enlarging gap between breeding — and industry oriented quality research. These general comments were followed by the session describing our understanding the role of components of wheat flour determining bread-making quality. This second part of the review overlooks the new directions of quality related basic and applied research in pre-breeding and breeding as well as in the wheat industry, including genetic, molecular biological, biochemical chemical, instrumental and model-making/predictive methodologies. A brief coverage of the directions and achievement in the more and more important two non-traditional quality areas, the nutrition- and health-related quality attributes are followed by a short conclusion and speculation on future direction.


breadmaking quality small-scale dough testing molecular markers QTL analysis Protein Quality Index wheat sensitivity 


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