Determination of Ploidy Levels in Ipheion uniflorum (R. C. Graham) Rafin (Liliaceae)


In this study, chromosome number and ploidy levels of Ipheion uniflorum cv. “Wisley Blue” (spring starflower) were determined. In meristematic root tip cells, chromosome number was found as 2n=12 and 4n=24. The ratios of diploid and tetraploid cells were found as 80.74% and 19.26%, respectively. In differentiated root tissues and mature leaf tissues ploidy levels were analysed by flow cytometry and polysomaty were found in both organs. In differentiated root tissues, ploidy levels were found as 2C, 4C, 8C and 16C DNA. In root tissues percentages of 2C, 4C, 8C and 16C nuclear DNA content were observed as 57.2%, 33.1%, 2.47% and 7.23%, respectively. In mature leaf tissues, ploidy levels were determined 2C, 4C, 8C and 16C DNA. In this tissue the frequency of 4C DNA was found very higher (74.3%) and 2C DNA content was determined as 19.2%. In mature leaf tissue, 8C and 16C nuclear DNA contents were observed as 2.72% and 3.78%, respectively. When nuclear DNA contents in leaves and roots were compared, an apparent difference in 2C and 4C DNA contents was found.


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  • Ipheion uniflorum
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