Response of Anabaena Species to Different Nitrogen Sources


Nitrogenase activity, ammonia excretion and glutamine synthetase (GS) activity were examined in five strains of Anabaena (A. anomala ARM 314, A. fertilissima ARM 742, A. variabilis ARM 310, A. oryzae ARM 313 and A. oryzae ARM 570) in the presence of 2.5 mM NO3-N (KNO3), 2.5 mM NH4-N [(NH4)2SO4] and diatomic nitrogen (N2). Ammonium-N was more inhibitory to nitrogenase activity as compared to NO3-N in all the strains. Maximum GS activity was exhibited in NO3-N medium, irrespective of the cyanobacterial strains studied. Uninduced release of ammonia was observed in all the species, with A. oryzae ARM 313 and Anabaena variabilis ARM 310 exhibiting maximum excretion of 0.25–0.31 and 0.27–1.23 ώ moles NH-4 mg Chl−1 respectively on the 15th day of incubation. The gluta-mine synthetase activity of A. oryzae ARM 313 was relatively very high as compared to Anabaena variabilis ARM 310. There was no nitrate reductase activity in any of the Anabaena sp. grown on NH3-N or N2-N on the 15th day of incubation.


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