Virulence of Wheat Leaf Rust (Puccinia triticina Eriks.) in the Years 2013–2015 and Resistance of Wheat Cultivars in Slovakia


In 2013–2015 virulence in the wheat leaf rust population was evaluated on 17 Thatcher near-isogenic lines with leaf rust resistance genes. A total of 110 wheat leaf rust isolates were analyzed. Resistance genes Lr9 and Lr19 were effective to all tested isolates. Genes Lr24 and Lr28 conditioned resistance to 92% of the tested rust isolates. Thirty-seven winter wheat cultivars registered in Slovakia were analyzed for the presence of Lr10, Lr24, Lr26, Lr34 and Lr37 using tightly linked molecular markers. Gene Lr37 was the most common in the tested cultivars. Leaf rust resistance was also tested in 13 wheat cultivars at the seedling stage with representative pathotypes of leaf rust.


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  • leaf rust pathotypes
  • Lr genes
  • resistance
  • wheat
  • Slovakia