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Cinnamic Acid and Fish Flour Affect Wheat Phenolic Acids and Flavonoid Compounds, Lipid Peroxidation, Proline Levels Under Salt Stress

  • Bergüzar Karadağ
  • Nılgün Candan YücelEmail author


To elucidate the physiological mechanism of salt stress mitigated by cinnamic acid (CA) and fish flour (FF) pretreatment, wheat was pretreated with 20, 50 and 100 ppm CA and 1 g/10 mL FF for 2 d and was then cultivated. We investigated whether exogenous CA + FF could protect wheat from salt stress and examined whether the protective effect was associated with the regulation of seed vigor, antioxidant defense systems, phenolic biosynthesis and lipid peroxidation. At 2 days exogenous CA did not influence seed vigor. Salt stress increased the phenolic biosynthesis, but the CA + FF-combined pretreatment enhanced the phenolic biosynthesis even more under salt stress and decreased lipid peroxidation to some extent, enhancing the tolerance of wheat to salt stress.


Cinnamic acid fish flour phenolic biosynthesis salinity stress wheat 


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