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Conversion of phenylacetonitrile in supercritical alcohols within a system containing small volume of water


The reaction of phenylacetonitrile in supercritical methanol and ethanol in a system containing a small volume of water was studied. The effects of various operating conditions, such as reaction temperature, reaction time, the mole ratio of phenylacetonitrile/water/methanol or ethanol on the product yield were systematically investigated. The optimal yield of methyl phenylacetate for phenylacetonitrile in supercritical methanol in a system containing a small volume of water was 70 % at 583 K and 2.5 h. The optimal yield of ethyl phenylacetate for phenylacetonitrile in supercritical ethanol with a small volume of water was 80 % at 583 K and 1.0 h. At the same time, a feasible mechanism was proposed for phenylacetonitrile in supercritical methanol and ethanol in a system containing a small volume of water.

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  • phenylacetonitrile
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  • alcoholysis reaction mechanism