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Cell cultures over nanoneedle fields


In this paper a new nanostructured support for the culture of cells is presented. The support consists of fields of sharp and high-aspect-ratio nanoneedles. The support is obtained through a specifically developed process that allows controlling the nanoneedles’s densities and height. The nanoneedles are typically 10 µm high with tip diameters under 200 nm. Cell viability on this support was evaluated through long-term cells cultures. The narrow interface between the cells’ membrane and the nanoneedles has been carefully observed to conclude on the perforation of the cells’ membrane thanks to the sharp nanoneedles. Such a nanostructured chip, allowing specific interaction, opens the door to a large number of exciting and valuable applications such as nanoporation for transfection or internal cell potential recording.

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Key Words

  • Nanoneedles
  • field
  • cell culture
  • nanoscale membrane poration
  • silicon nanotechnology