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Metastasis to the breast from nonmammarian solid neoplasms

A report of five cases
  • Berna ÖksüzoğluEmail author
  • Hüseyin Abalı
  • Nilüfer Güler
  • Eşmen Baltalı
  • Yavuz Özışık
Case Report


Primary breast carcinoma is the commonest neoplasm in women. Although rare, metastases of solid tumors from elsewhere to the breast may occur. Apart from cross-lymphatic metastasis from contralateral primary breast carcinoma, hematopoietic neoplasms occasionally involve the breast. As far as we know, less than 500 patients with secondary extramammary solid neoplasms involving the breasts have been reported in the English literature, of which malignant melanoma and lung tumors constitute the leading cause. Herein, five additional adult cases are reported and literature is reviewed. Two of the patients had primary rhabdomyosarcomas, two ovarian carcinomas, and one colon carcinoma. In one case with ovarian carcinoma, breast mass was the only manifestations of the disease relapse. All, except one with disseminated disease, had pathological diagnosis. Two of the patients died soon after the detection of breast metastasis. As a result, breast mass can be the first manifestation of relapse or part of a disseminated disease, and usually predicts poor survival.

Key Words

Breast metastasis secondary tumors 


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  • Berna Öksüzoğlu
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    Email author
  • Hüseyin Abalı
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  • Nilüfer Güler
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  • Eşmen Baltalı
    • 1
  • Yavuz Özışık
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  1. 1.Department of Medical OncologyHacettepe University School of Medicine, Oncology InstituteAnkaraTurkey

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