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A critical regulator of inflammation in vivo
  • Mark H. Kaplan


Signal transducer and activator of transcription 4 (STAT4) is a central mediator in generating inflammation during protective immune responses and immune-mediated diseases. In the 8 yr since their first description, STAT4-deficient mice have defined the role of STAT4 in a variety of in vivo model systems. Despite the extensive study and use of these mice, the exact role of STAT4 in vivo is still unclear. In this review, I focus on describing the phenotypes of STAT4-deficient immune responses to pathogens and in diseases. Comparing the effects of STAT4 deficiency among numerous model systems will further enhance the development of a systemic model of STAT4 function in vivo.

Key Words

Signal transducer and activator of transcription 4 Inflammation Interferon-γ Interleukin-12 Pathogenesis Disease models 


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