Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology

, Volume 76, Issue 3, pp 193–201 | Cite as

Anaerobic upflow fixed-film bioreactor for biomethanation of salty cheese whey

  • Priti Patel
  • Chirag Patel
  • Datta Madamwar


In order to develop a suitable reactor for the biomethanation of high-strength salty cheese whey, the performance of anaerobic upflow fixed-film reactors packed with different support materials, such as charcoal, gravel, brick pieces, pumicestones, and PVC pieces, has been studied. The charcoal-bedded reactor gave the best performance, with the maximum gas production (3.3 L/L digester/d) and an enriched methane content (69% CH4). Temperature and hydraulic retention time were optimized, with the ultimate aim of improving biomethanation. Maximum gas production (3.3 L/L digester/d) was achieved at a hydraulic retention time of 2 d at 40°C.

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Salty cheese whey biomethanation anaerobic digestion methane energy fixed-film bioreactor charcoal 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Priti Patel
    • 1
  • Chirag Patel
    • 1
  • Datta Madamwar
    • 1
  1. 1.Post Graduate Department of BiosciencesSardar Patel UniversityGujratIndia

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