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Optimization of dilute-acid pretreatment of corn stover using a high-solids percolation reactor


We have previously demonstrated that pretreatment of corn stover with dilute sulfuric acid can achieve high digestibility and efficient recovery of hemicellulose sugars with high yield and concentration. Further improvement of this process was sought in this work. A modification was made in the operation of the percolation reactor that the reactor is preheated under atmospheric pressure to remove moisture that causes autohydrolysis. This eliminated sugar decomposition during the preheating stage and led to a considerable improvement in overall sugar yield. In addition, liquid throughput was minimized to the extent that only one reactor void volume of liquid was collected. This was done to attain a high xylose concentration in the hydrolyzate. The optimum reaction and operating conditions were identified wherein near quantitative enzymatic digestibilities are obtained with enzyme loading of 15 FPU/g glucan. With a reduced enzyme loading of 5 FPU/g glucan, the enzymatic digestibility was decreased, but still reached a level of 92%. Decomposition of carbohydrates was extremely low as indicated by the measured glucan and xylan mass closures (recovered sugar plus unreacted) which were 98% and 94%, respectively. The data obtained in this work indicate that the digestibility is related to the extent of xylan removal.

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