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Photothermal treatment of human carcinoma cells using liposome-encapsulated gold nanoshells

  • Paul M. Kasili
  • Tuan Vo-DinhEmail author
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We report the application of liposome-encapsulated gold nanoshells for in vitro photo-induced hyperthermia in human mammary carcinoma cells. In addition to evaluating their effects in vitro, we compared the application liposome-encapsulated gold nanoshells and free-standing gold nanoshells for NanoPhotoTherapy (NPT). NPT-induced hyperthermia was performed using a 785-nm near-infrared light from a diode laser and the in vitro effects were evaluated using nucleic acid molecular probes by fluorescence microscopy. Additionally, we monitored the effectiveness of NPT by detecting apoptosis via capase-9 activity.

Key Words

Gold nanoshells liposomes NanoPhotoTherapy hyperthermia 


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  1. 1.Advanced Biomedical Science & Technology GroupOak Ridge National LaboratoryOak Ridge

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