Enhanced platelet aggregation, high homocysteine level, and microvascular disease in diabetic muscle infaractions

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Muscle infaction is a rare complication in patients with diabetes mellitus, probably because of the rich vascular supply of this tissue. We describe a patient with type 1 diabetes who had infarction of the muscles in her right thigh. We report, for the first time, that the patient, in addition to an advanced microvascular disease in the muscle, had increased plasma total homocysteine levels and increased platelet aggregation. These pathologies might have a synergistic effect on the development of this rare complication and should be treated aggrssively to prevent further episodes.

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Rajkumar, V., Ragatzki, P., Sima, A. et al. Enhanced platelet aggregation, high homocysteine level, and microvascular disease in diabetic muscle infaractions. Endocr 11, 57–60 (1999).

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