Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology

, Volume 84, Issue 1–9, pp 801–808 | Cite as

Inhibition of microbial xylitol production by acetic acid and its relation with fermentative parameters

  • Tihany A. Morita
  • Silvio S. SilvaEmail author


Precipitated sugarcane bagasse hemicellulosic hydrolysate containing acetic acid was fermented by Candida guilliermondii FTI 20037 under different operational conditions (pH 4.0 and 7.0, three aeration rates). At pH 7.0 and k L a of 10 (0.75 vvm) and 22.5/h (3.0 vvm) the acetic acid had not been consumed until the end of the fermentations, whereas at the same pH and k L a of 35/h (4.5 vvm) the acid was rapidly consumed and acetic acid inhibition was not important. On the other hand, fermentations at an initial pH of 4.0 and k L a of 22.5 and 35/h required less time for the acid uptake than fermentations at k L a of 10/h. The acetic acid assimilation by the yeast indicates the ability of this strain to ferment in partially detoxified medium, making possible the utilization of the sugarcane bagasse hydrolysate in this bioprocess. The effects on xylitol yield and production are reported.

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  1. 1.Biotechnology DepartmentFaculty of Chemical Engineering of LorenaLorenaBrazil

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