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, Volume 112, Issue 3, pp 163–172 | Cite as

Biosurfactant production by Bacillus subtilis using cassava-processing effluent

  • Marcia Nitschke
  • Glaucia Maria Pastore
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A cassava flour-processing effluent (manipueira) was evaluated as a substrate for surfactant production by two Bacillus subtilis strains. B. subtilis ATCC 21332 reduced the surface tension of the medium to 25.9 mN/m, producing a crude biosurfactant concentration of 2.2 g/L. The wild-type strain, B. subtilis LB5a, reduced the surface tension of the medium to 26.6 mN/m, giving a crude biosurfactant concentration of 3.0 g/L. A decrease in surfactant concentration observed for B. subtilis ATCC 21332 seemed to be related to an increase in protease activity. The biosurfactant produced on cassava effluent medium by B. subtilis LB5a was similar to surfactin.

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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Laboratório de BioquímicaDCA, FEA, UNICAMP, Rua Monteiro LobatoCampinas, SPBrazil

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