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Success Habits of Long-Term Gastric Bypass Patients

Background: By identifying common habits of the most successful long-term gastric bypass patients, one is able to establish more specific guidelines for new patients to follow. The first postoperative year is a critical time that must be dedicated to changing old behavior and forming new, lifelong habits. Methods: 100 gastric bypass patients from 1979 to 1995 participated in a comprehensive survey. Surveys were completed in person, by phone, or in writing. Participants were asked to answer questions regarding their eating, drinking, sleeping, exercise, and personal habits. Results: The survey revealed that specific habits are common in gastric bypass patients who have maintained their weight loss for many years. Conclusion: Identifying and defining the common habits of patients who are successful with long-term weight loss enabled specific guidelines to be established for new patients to implement during the initial weight loss phase, which will contribute to life-long success.

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M, C., Edwards, C. Success Habits of Long-Term Gastric Bypass Patients. OBES SURG 9, 80–82 (1999).

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