Obesity Surgery

, Volume 6, Issue 5, pp 430–437 | Cite as

Obesity: The Last Bastion of Prejudice

  • Sahale A Flanagan

Background: Most people do not realize how pre-judicially damaging they behave, particularly towards the obese. Their discrimination has been deemed, unconsciously perhaps, as acceptable by society. Methods: This paper describes a high school senior's exploration of prejudice and discrimination towards the obese. Results: Through interviews with bariatric surgeons, bariatric patients, an obese victim of prejudice in her high school, attendance at support group meetings, statements from others experiencing similar bias in their workplace as well as a review of the relevant literature, the author developed a new understanding of the extent and depth of prejudice against the obese in North American society. She realized how this prejudice limits social opportunities and access of all sorts, interferes with employment opportunities, and even how deeply it penetrates the medical community. Conclusion: The intent of this paper is to educate those in society who continue to discriminate against the obese, and to open our eyes to our own behavior, as the author's have been opened.

Prejudice discrimination morbid obesity bariatric surgery 


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