Obesity Surgery

, Volume 7, Issue 4, pp 345–351

The Swedish Adjustable Gastric Banding (SAGB) for Morbid Obesity: 9 Year Experience and a 4-year Follow-up of Patients Operated with a New Adjustable Band

  • Peter Forsell
  • Göran Hellers

DOI: 10.1381/096089297765555601

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Forsell, P. & Hellers, G. OBES SURG (1997) 7: 345. doi:10.1381/096089297765555601

Background: We have developed an adjustable gastric band in which the stoma diameter can be adjusted from the outside. A standardized technique was employed and the application of our band in terms of weight loss and complication rate was evaluated Methods: Between August 1990 and November 1991, 50 patients (15 men and 35 women) were operated on by laparotomy. Their mean age at surgery was 41 (19-60) years. Mean preoperative weight was 134 (106-181) kg and the mean BMI was 46 kg/m2 (range 33-59 kg/m2). Results: No patient was lost to follow-up. Four were excluded from the study (brain tumor, pregnancy and two reoperations). The remaining 46 were followed for at least 4 years. At follow-up, mean weight was 80 kg and mean BMI was 27.5 kg/m2. The patients had lost a mean of 54 kg. Two patients (4%) had abdominal reoperation because of technical problems. There was one incisional hernia and one minor wound infection, but no other significant complications. Conclusion: This relatively simple method appears to be at least as good as the other operations, and weight loss can be adjusted to patient comfort. Currently, the procedure is being performed laparoscopically.

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    • Göran Hellers

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