Obesity Surgery

, Volume 14, Issue 4, pp 545–548

Implantable Gastric Stimulation for the Treatment of Severe Obesity

  • Scott A Shikora

The prevalence of obesity is growing worldwide at an alarming rate. Current medical therapies are often ineffective and surgical treatments result in weight loss but have significant risk. Implantable Gastric Stimulation (IGS®) offers a novel approach to weight loss. Simply stated, the IGS system electrically stimulates the stomach with a pacemaker-like device. The device is implanted in a brief minimally invasive procedure. Investigation in over 500 patients globally has proven it to be safe and seemly free of long-term sequelae. With refinements in patient selection and device application, the weight loss results have been steadily improving. The IGS may someday become a reliable and safe surgical option for weight loss.



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