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Teaching the Skills of Adhesive Bonding

Trends and Events

What use is the best and most innovative technology if no one applies it correctly? This was once the question facing adhesive bonding. As “the joining technology of the 21st century”, it has made and is still making phenomenal leaps in technology possible, provided that it is expertly used on the workbench or production line. Top-quality workforce qualification is therefore seen as the key to success — and this has been available for two decades now at the Centre for Adhesive Bonding Technology at Fraunhofer IFAM in Bremen.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Groß, director of Workforce Qualification and Technology Transfer at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM, can clearly recall how things began: “At the beginning of 1994, our first Adhesive Bonder course began — with just nine participants. And by the end of the year, we had already trained 30 specialists in the correct application of adhesive bonding technology.” The newly formed Centre for Adhesive...

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