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When increased filler content is required

Wetting and dispersing additives for reactive adhesives and sealants
  • Jan Lenz
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Wetting and dispersing additives serve to either reduce viscosity or raise the filler content while keeping the viscosity constant. The use of functional fillers also opens up new formulation options, which in turn can lead to improved technical properties. Specially designed wetting and dispersing additives likewise help to prevent phenomena like phase separation and sedimentation.

Reactive adhesives and reactive sealants cover a great variety of different chemical classes. The most important chemical classes of these systems are doubtlessly epoxides, polyurethanes, acrylates, silicones, and silane-terminated polymers. The application fields of these reactive adhesives and sealants are also very varied, covering transportation, building & construction industry, and electronics.

Besides all these different chemical classes and diverse applications, the reactive adhesives and sealants frequently have one thing in common: they almost invariably contain an inorganic filler. These...

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